WHEELS RENTAL - General Conditions

-The minimum bonus that can be acquired is 10 hours.

-Before starting to turn on your own at Terra i Pell, you have had to pass a level test, which ensures that the person knows how to use the lathe and tools.

-If there is a misuse of the material and tools it will be sanctioned economically.

-Every person who uses the lathe has to take care of its good use, cleaning and collection of materials.

-Each person has the right to a shelf to store their materials and may not occupy any space other than said shelf.

-The hours hired will be the hours enjoyed, in case people go out of the schedule, they can be sanctioned economically.

* Terra i Pell is not responsible for breakage, loss of parts or imperfections thereof, or parts sent by mail.
We are not responsible for student belongings in the workshop premises.