General Conditions


General conditions

-The period of the voucher is monthly, from the day the student begins. Once this period has passed, the student will have to pay a new voucher.

-In Terra i Pell you can recover a class within the monthly voucher, if you cannot come one day, we will change the schedule (only once a month) for another time you can come to, within the current month.

-Payment for the course must be made 24 hours in advance online, by bank transfer or in person at the store at Carrer Banys Vell 17 (check schedule).

-The reservation / registration is made by the transfer / payment of the price of the course in its entirety.

 -It is mandatory to notify a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the student’s absence from one of the monthly classes. In case of not giving notice, the class will be lost and cannot be made up.


* Terra i Pell is not responsible for breakages, loss of parts or imperfections of the same, nor of the parts sent by mail.

We are not responsible for the belongings of the students on the workshop premises.