Purificación Rodríguez y Víctor Resa are Terra i Pell,

A couple of artisan artists, in love with their work. Two large trades such as ceramics and leather come together to give life to a common project called Terra i Pell, a showcase of unique designs made with passion, which become original forms with soul.

Their philosophy is based on loving what they create. Their products are pieces inspired by nature and the city that has joined them, Barcelona.

His collections are made up of unique pieces and limited series. His collections are made up of unique pieces and limited series.

They also work on request, custom pieces and projects, in different materials such as ceramics, paint, leather, silver, gold, precious stones.


She is a Doctor of Fine Arts and Superior Technique in Artistic Ceramics. He has worked for different entities, companies and organizations such as the Generalitat de Catalunya. His training is complemented by specific courses in teaching and teaching.

The world of ceramics especially caught her and it has been 19 years since she began. The passion for his work and his spirit of improvement made him develop as a potter and plastic artist. He has made large ceramic murals in private homes, has collaborated on sculptural projects with important artists and creates his own collections of functional ceramics and jewelry.

His influences are based on different cultures, travel and sustainable art concepts. He tries to apply his theory of arteparalaetica(title of his thesis) in his work and loves to experiment with materials and techniques.

“Earth, changing material that is alive, transmitter of sensations. Water, fire, air, they surround you and turn you into a talking stone, an object you use, a beauty you look at: CERAMICS ”


It comes from the industry branch. After studying industrial design and working in different companies, he decided to take his own course and make his own business path.

He has been working on crafts for more than 15 years. Much of his learning has been developed by traveling around the world, in countries such as Mexico, Holland, Australia, Central Africa, Finland, Morocco, etc. Based on ancient crafts and ancestral forms, Victor has shaped his unique pieces, collecting information from great master craftsmen.

Talabartería, carving and polishing of semi precious stones and goldsmithing are the techniques and crafts that he has been learning and experiencing throughout his career.

The influences of his travels and of known cultures are evident in his ways of doing and final results.

“I love the traditional applied to the urban”