Legal advise

-This is the legal notice section, where our general conditions appear. You can also consult them in our FAQ section.

-New students are welcome on any day of the month, it is not necessary that it be the beginning of the month to make a monthly bonus of 4 classes. As long as there are places at the time you choose, you can start and from the day you start we write down 4 weeks. Send us an email with the day and time of your choice and we will confirm our availability.

-In order to participate in this course, a reservation must be made by bank transfer at least 24 hours in advance of the course date.

-Within the monthly pass of 4 classes, we can make a change of day, as long as there are free places at other times, but ONLY 1 CHANGE, that is, you can make up a missed class per month, as long as you notify that you cannot Come 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE There is a period of 1 month for making up missed classes (always within your monthly bonus period). To notify that you are not coming you can do it by email or by phone. 

More information about the legal notice:

-The reservation / registration is made by the transfer / payment of the price of the course in its entirety.

-In case of not being able to make the online purchase or the transfer, you can make the payment at the Terra i Pell store at C / Banys Vells 17 (check opening hours).

-Cancellation: If they cannot come to the course, Terra i Pell does not return the money for the course payment. If the cancellation is made at least 15 days before the course, Terra i Pell offers the possibility of changing the day of the course or purchasing another similar course or products in our store.

-If the school cancels the course for its own reasons, all the money already paid by the student is returned.

* Terra i Pell is not responsible for breakages, loss of parts or imperfections of the same, nor of the parts sent by mail.
We are not responsible for the belongings of the students on the workshop premises.

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