Privacy Policy

About us

The responsible and owner of this website is Terra i Pell cooperativa, who is responsible for the processing of personal data of the users of the website. Terra i Pell data are:

  • Name: Rodríguez Cotillas Purification
  • NIF: 70740095F
  • Registered Office: C / Banys Vells, 17– Bajo Commercial Premises – 08003 Barcelona
  • Email:

What personal data we collect and for what purpose

The personal data that we collect and can provide us through the web have the following purposes

  • In the case of subscriptions to our newsletter, our purpose is to provide you with this service, which is free, and send you that newsletter in electronic format.
  • In the case of your browser’s cookies, we collect them to provide the web service that varies depending on your use of it. In the case of comments or publication of an article at a distance, cookies are used to remember under the name of who uses the browser that connects to our website.

Data communication

The data is not transferred or communicated to third parties, unless we are legally or judicially obliged, unless it is necessary for the provision of the requested services (for example if we are to send a product through a courier we will be obliged to communicate the data sent to the company that provides the service) or unless you had expressly allowed us to transfer them to someone.

Conservation of your data

Your data will be kept by Terra i Pell provided that there is an interest to fulfill the purpose of the treatment, an interest that must be mutual of Terra i Pell and the user. Due to this mutual interest, at the moment in which a user requests the exercise of their cancellation or deletion rights, this will be carried out provided that there is no legitimate interest for their conservation (for example, that Terra i Pell had billed the user for their services and Terra i Pell were obliged by tax law to keep billing information). As soon as the data is not necessary to fulfill the purpose of the treatment, Terra i Pell will destroy or suppress it by applying the appropriate security measures to guarantee its pseudo-anonymization or anonymization.

What rights do you have over your data

You can freely exercise the following rights over the personal data that we keep from you:

  • The right of access to your data. This right consists in knowing if we are treating your data and, in positive case, what we are doing with them, for example, if we are giving them to third parties, what is the purpose of the processing of your data, if we are making profiles with them or in what categories we classify them.
  • The right to rectify your data. This right is that you can request the change of those data that are inaccurate.
  • The right to oppose certain treatments. This right is that you can object to our use of your data with respect to certain purposes, such as advertising promotions or sending news. It is you who can decide the purpose for which you give us your data.
  • The right to delete (delete) your data. This right is that you can ask us to delete all or part of your data. Keep in mind that your right may be limited by our obligation to keep your data for a certain time, such as when we have to keep the fiscal data of the people with whom we have had a business relationship. In that case, we will keep your data for as long as required by law and immediately after we will proceed according to your request.
  • The right to limit the processing of data. This right is that you can ask us to suspend the processing of your data when, for example, you ask us to exercise another right and we are deciding on it. During the time we make the decision on that right, you can ask us to refrain from processing your data. And vice versa, it could be that we would like to erase your data and you would oppose it because you understand that we must keep it so that you exercise another right (a claim against us, for example). Be right, you can ask us to refrain from processing your data. In this case, while that decision is made you can request that we keep your data but not treat it.
  • The right to data portability. This right is that when you want to exercise your rights over your personal data to transfer them to another provider, you can receive them in a structured, commonly used, mechanical and interoperable reading format, and you can transmit them in that way to another person in charge of the processing. Keep in mind that this right is difficult for you to have to exercise with us, as we do not provide services that may be the object of another company (we are not an electric or communications company, for example).

Where and how can you exercise your rights

You can exercise your rights through a petition addressed to Terra i Pell. Our contact details to exercise these rights are: Purification Rodríguez Cotillas C / Banys Vells 17, Barcelona. Email
Keep in mind that if we have doubts about your identity, we may request additional information to confirm that you are really the owner of the data. This information can be in the case of personal data the photocopy of the National identity document or passport or other valid document that identifies you or your electronic signature and in the case that you act through a representative or a proxy, the document that proves the representation.
If we are not sure what right you want to exercise, we will ask you to specify your request.
In any case, we will always ask you to provide us with an address for notifications, the date on which you exercise the right and, if applicable, to sign the petition, as well as, if they were necessary to evaluate your request, we could request documents that prove the request you make.

Security measures

According to the provisions of the General Regulation of Protection of Personal Data (GDPR), Terra i Pell complies with all the mandatory provisions for the processing of personal data and is guided by the principle of proactive responsibility and risk avoidance contained in said standard. , treating the data in a lawful, loyal, transparent manner, in an appropriate, pertinent and limited way to what is necessary in relation to the purpose of the treatment.