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A team building can be defined as the activity or service that companies hire to help build their work teams. A good team building helps members improve their personal and work relationships, enhances team spirit and helps in cooperation, performance and results.

This type of activities is preferable to carry them out of the work environment, day to day, to get the participants to really feel free of tensions and to relate and carry out the activity without any pressure. In this way we achieve the objectives that the activity poses.

At Terra i Pell we propose to carry out Events / Team building to help companies in the construction of their teams through the introduction to ceramics and leather work with a very special activity consisting of one or two practical sessions, as appropriate to the participants. Our spaces have everything necessary for this, in addition to projection material if necessary.

Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can study a proposal tailored to your needs in order to organize your event.

In the same way we celebrate events such as bachelor parties, birthdays, conferences and specialized talks in the craft world.

The experience is the most important

Without a doubt, what the students that we have had at Terra i Pell liked the most was the pleasant experience of creating their ceramic pieces with their own hands. The pleasure of modeling clay, and the feeling of creating a piece that they can later use in their homes, is something that is priceless. Whether it is a bowl, a plate or a cup, it may seem like a simple work, but behind the object there are a lot of feelings and thoughts that the artist embodies in the material, thus creating a unique and original object, at the same time. that personal.

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