These are the courses that you can find in Terra i Pell. Wide variety of artistic options, perfect to develop all the art that you carry inside. Ceramics, jewelry, leather and watercolor painting are the basic courses that we do in our workshop. In addition, we usually carry out specialized courses, monographs, introductory courses and family courses every weekend. You can see them by following the following link that will take you to our calendar.

Courses calendar.

All these courses and classes are suitable for all levels. From beginners, through intermediate level or already the most advanced to the Masterclass. In each course and class, personalized exercises are given depending on the abilities and capacities of each student. In each course and class, they are given. And of course, the main objective of these activities is to have a good time, enjoy learning new techniques and materials and above all relax and do things with your own hands. personalized depending on the abilities and capacities of each student.


At Terra i Pell we love working with our hands. When creating new objects it is not very satisfying to see the possibilities of the materials used. An idea can be transformed in multiple ways and change over time. The malleability of the clay is quite different from or it can be to work silver or leather. Although it is possible to obtain a product that has the peculiarities of a single style.

Some potters say that working with clay is often compared to doing meditation. This is an opinion sometimes shared with other artists and artisans when they work with their hands making their pieces. Actually, it is as if one’s thoughts are transformed into the work that is created the moment it is touched or manipulated, shaping it until the final product desired by the artist is achieved.

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