Wheels rental

If you already know how to turn and need a place to practice, at Terra i Pell, you can make a wheel rental.

If you are an experienced ceramist and you want to develop your personal work in a different, creative, international and inspiring environment.

Enjoy yourself.

“There is nothing more enjoyable in the world than making ceramics around a leisurely and free rhythm”. This comment is shared by several of the people who have been using our space or are still enjoying it. Without a doubt, the silence, the calm and the slight sound produced by working the clay on the potter’s wheel are key factors in making a good piece of pottery around it.

Sliding your hands in wet mud provides a very high state of inner peace. It is almost like a meditation or doing yoga. The physical and mental result provided at the end of the sessions is total stillness. Of course, it is always advisable to perform intense back and shoulder stretches to strengthen the muscles used.

What we offer:

Access to the workshop with flexible hours, ideal to combine it with your daily activity. If you practice, move forward and develop your ideas. Innovate in your creations and ultimately grow.

We put at your disposal professional Shimpo wheels, so you can develop your ceramic projects. We have created a bonus for hours, which includes some basic tools, the use of the wheel, water and a shelf shell so you can store your pieces.

You can also acquire the clay easily in our workshop where we offer a wide range of high temperature pastes.

To access the bonus, you have to pass a simple wheel basic level test, to check that you know how to use the machinery of the common workspace. Once this phase is over, you will be able to enjoy your full freedom by creating your ceramic pieces to the maximum.

Website of Ángela Colls, reference of Wheel for pottery

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