Beyond a product, our creations are forms with soul, they are small parts of us that arise from specific moments and events in our lives.

We perform a traditional, completely handmade work where each piece is unique, despite being in different collections. We love working at ease, with music and spending the right time with each piece. The small production we develop is based on a special work philosophy, in which dedication goes hand in hand with enjoyment.

We believe in the SLOW concept and an ARTEPARALAETICA.

We create pieces of a functional nature such as glasses, plates, cups, vases, bowls … in the case of ceramics and belts, bracelets, bags, fanny packs, phone cases or watch straps in the case of leather work.

In the same way we create decorative pieces, of sculptural character in the case of ceramics and versatile objects such as masks or helmets of warriors in the case of skin.

For us each job is a challenge, an overcoming and no matter how small the piece is, we give it the love it needs to become as it is, in its finishing.

Some of our pieces end up in the hands of private or institutional collectors who know how to value a work with essence.

In our product gallery you can enjoy a small selection of those that are related to us. If you want to see more we invite you to go through our space and also look at the links with social networks.

We make exclusive custom-made pieces: wedding rings, engagement rings, earrings, bracelets to celebrate any event such as anniversary, birthday, retirement gifts, births. Crockery, murals, ceramic signs, lamps, special pieces for hospitality, aprons, bags, custom belts, etc.

We have a WEDDING LIST section, in which we attend special requests for this type of event.

Get in touch with us and we will arrange an appointment to meet us and tell us the idea you have. We will also send you examples of other pieces already made so that you have references of our design line. We will advise you on the whole technical issue and we will give you a budget as tight as possible to your needs.