General Conditions

-The duration of the rental will be at least three months.

-Each artist will choose the space according to Terra i Pell, depending on the visibility needs of their product.

-The rental prices change according to the rented space, ranges between € 50 and € 300 per month.

-The assembly will be carried out by the Terra i Pell team, once the exhibition location has been assigned.

-The payment of the rental of the space will be made in full at the beginning of the exhibition.

-Terra i Pell takes care of the cleaning, care and sale of the product.

-Previously before exposing the products, an estimation of them will be made, so that they adapt to the prices according to the concept of our store.

-Terra i Pell is not responsible for breakage or theft of parts during your stay.

* Terra i Pell is not responsible for breakage, loss of parts or imperfections thereof, or parts sent by mail.
We are not responsible for student belongings in the workshop premises.