There are times when you would like to learn a specific technique, but you don’t know where to go. There are times when you want to develop your project, but your work schedule is not compatible with any of the course schedules you know. You need to learn, experiment and shape an idea that is in your head. You want to go beyond a simple course with many more people, that’s why you are looking for a specific type of class for you, adapted to your expectations and in Terra i Pell we understand it, that’s why we have created the MASTERCLASS typology, in three main categories that They are CERAMIC, LEATHER AND JEWELRY.

Imagine everything you can get to learn!

Within the leather category we will provide students with the tools and knowledge about techniques and skills necessary for them to develop their creativity, designing and developing their own custom leather pieces and projects, both in the leather workshop, as well as autonomously in the future. They are not courses structured by a specific theme from beginning to end, as we are aware that each person looks for something different in their crafts according to their tastes and affinities. Some students prefer, for example, to make all leather pieces entirely by hand, and others are attracted to the use of the sewing or recessing machine to achieve different results.

In ours LEATHER MASTERCLASS, we advise you in a personalized way.

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